Getting Started Growing Tomatoes

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Tomatoes just have to be one of the most popular vegetables grown today.There are so many varieties around which allow us to grow them in many different ways,including in greenhouses,hanging baskets,or in large pots.

Apart from the obvious benefits you can get from growing tomatoes it also gives you a great deal of pleasure,and you can get the time to relax knowing you are being so productive.It is a lot easier than you think.

To start growing from seed fill a small seed tray with multi purpose compost space seeds out then cover with a fine compost,and keep moist.Place in a heated greenhouse or a propogator,and keep to a temperature of sixty five degrees fahrenheit. If you do not have these facilities just pop themon the window sill.

Once there are five or six leaves showing transplant into three inch pots, and grow them until the first flower opens on the first truss.

When you get to this stage you will be nearly ready to plant outside,but first you need to turn your attention to where you are going to plant them.

Tomatoes love heat so you need a space in the garden where the plants are going to be exposed to plenty of sunlight and warmth. Before you start planting apply some fertiliser
to the soil,and then when they start to become established you can give them liquid fertiliser every three weeks or so,but be sure to feed in correct amounts stated.Tomatoes grow best in well drained soil which is rich in compost.

When planting try and space your plants out at two to three feet intervals,this will ensure the plants maintain good air circulation.

Your tomatoes are going to want lots of water to prosper,and you must give them the same quantity each time you water.One way of doing this is to get some plastic milk containers, pierce some holes in sides,and bottom,fill with water,then bury close to the plants with only the tops showing.This will ensure a good supply to the roots.

There are some diseases which occasionally make their way to your tomatoes,one of these is called blossom end rot.This will appear on your tomatoes as brown sunken patches,and will eventually shrivel then rot.It is caused by the soil being too dry,and the roots are not able to get any calcium from the soil.A regular and even water supply should remedy this.

Tomato blight is another disease to be aware of.The symptoms are brown patches on leaves,curling up of leaves,and generally drying out.This usually occurs during humid sticky weather when it is warm,and also wet.To repel these attacks spray your tomatoes with a copper fungicide,one such as bordeaux mixture should do the trick,and do it at the first sign of humid weather conditions.Following these few basic steps should mean that you are soon enjoying home grown tomatoes.
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