2008 Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is also featured as Cat of the Week for November, 2008

This is my beautiful 6 year old Tortoiseshell Longhaired Cat. Her name is Cinnamon and I adopted her a few months ago from the local SPCA. I had to leave my cats behind when I left my husband a year ago, and Cinnamon has filled that special place in my heart that all cat lovers know about!
She was an indoor cat, but as I have a house, she was desperate to explore the outdoors. I introduced her to a leash so I could monitor her at first - being a stubborn cat, she would never come when called - plus she has a penchant for the squirrels surrounding the area.

She now does not like being OFF the leash and the neighborhood gets quite the treat as they see her walking beside me on the leash for her walks - head and tail high in the air, so regal!

She's stubborn, curious, and furious at times if I have to give her medicine, yet sleeps with me at night - head on the pillow! - and wakes me up with a paw to my face before the alarm goes off. Who could ask for anything more?

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