How to Do Overhangs on Shed Dormers

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    • 1). Measure back from the edge of the roof so you are at least 18 inches back from the exterior wall with a tape measure. Make a mark at this location by snapping a chalk line.

    • 2). Measure the width and length of the shed dormer on the roof. Mark the outline for the dormer using the chalk line. An example size for a dormer is 8 feet wide by 6 feet long. The overhang for the dormer can be 6 to 8 inches.

    • 3). Measure two of the 8-foot 2-by-4 boards to a length of 5 feet 7 inches. Cut them to this length with the circular saw.

    • 4). Cut the shingles along the chalk line with the circular saw. Pry up the shingles from the roof with a pry bar.

    • 5). Position the 8-foot boards and 5-foot-7-inch boards along the back and sides of the outline. Secure the boards with roofing nails to the existing rafters using the gun. These are the base plates for the dormer.

    • 6). Measure and cut the 2-by-4 boards to use for the framing. Cut the angle of the roof line into the boards that will be used for the sides of the dormer with the miter saw.

    • 7). Place the cut pieces of the framing along the base plates every 16 inches and secure with the nail gun.

    • 8). Measure and cut a 2-by-4 board to 6 feet. Place the cut 2-by-4 on top of the framing at the front of the dormer. Secure the board using the nail gun.

    • 9). Measure and cut two 2-by-4 boards to 6 feet 6 inches and cut the angle of the roof at one end. Set the boards along the sides of the frame. The back of the boards needs to be in front of the framing.

    • 10

      Secure the end of the boards to the top base plate to the front of the framing. Secure the side framing to the side of the boards.

    • 11

      Measure and cut six 2-by-4 boards to 6 feet 6 inches. Attach these boards every 16 inches to the base plate and the front of the framing.

    • 12

      Cover the roof with sheathing and shingles. Cover the sides and front of the dormer with siding.

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