Give Him His Space And Win Him Back

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Are you worried that he's losing interest because he doesn't want to spend all his time with you?Are you afraid that you may lose him if you give him his space? Are you questioning yourself and your relationship trying to figure out what's wrong? Even in the most solid of relationships, problems can occur if the other party starts to feel trapped or hemmed in.
And that might be the case with your relationship.
The best thing to do if you don't want to lose him is to give him his space.
It's pointless to spend time and energy worrying when you need to do something about it, and do it quickly.
Being a woman you are probably super sensitive to changes in the atmosphere of a relationship or the mood of your partner.
When you sense these things it's time to look at the signals that he's sending out.
These signals can be very much out in the open like when he tells you that he wants some time to himself.
Or they could be more subtle.
But in either case the message is that you need to give him his space.
Now your first inclination might be to hold on more tightly.
But that's not going to give you the results you are hoping for.
Instead, why not use the old reverse psychology strategy and give him so much space that he starts to feel uncomfortable and wonders what's going on.
He may want space, but does he want you to have more space? And since he can't have it both ways, he'll have to think carefully about the situation.
It's definitely not a good idea to become angry and upset.
Unless he's telling you that it's over, don't assume that he wants it to be over.
Act as if things are still okay and be calm.
Tell him you care for him but understand that he's feeling like he needs more time for himself.
Then allow him to have this space.
Before you started going out and getting deeply involved, he was probably involved in other things.
Now that the first bloom of settling into the relationship is over, he may be feeling that something is missing.
You don't want him to feel that the relationship is the problem.
Better to let him feel that what's missing are the things he did before you got together.
Letting him get back to some of these activities may be the best thing you can do.
He could also be feeling that things are moving along too quickly for him and he needs to take a step back.
Maybe he's just not ready to make a more serious commitment right now.
By giving him space, he can think things through without being pressured.
If he chooses to end things, trying to hold tight will not help anyway.
Although you may not want to buy into this, the fact is that if you give him his space, he'll find his way back to you and be closer than ever, if it was meant to be.
If not, then refusing him the space he needs will only end the relationship more quickly.
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