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If you have a aptitude of tasting the various delicacies served throughout the world, then a tour to Malaysia would definitely help you and quench your desire for some lip smacking dishes. Malaysian cuisine reflects the multi-ethnic makeup of its population. Many cultures from Malaysia and its surrounding areas have always influenced its cuisine. The cuisine is very much similar to that of Singapore, bearing resemblance to Filipino dishes. The various states in Malaysia will cater various types of dishes; hence the food found in Malaysia is different from its original dishes. The Traditional Malay cuisine will give you a taste of all the different foods served throughout Malaysia.

The Malaysian Food comprises of cooking traditions and practices that are found in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia. The vast population of Malaysia can be categorized into three groups, Malays, Chinese and Indians. Rice is considered as the centerpiece of a meal, with everything else regarded as an accompaniment for the rice. Some regional Malaysian dishes, such as arisa and kacang pool are examples of influence from Arab cuisine. Many of the Malaysian dishes revolve around a rempah which is sautéed in oil in order to draw out flavors to form the base of a dish. There are certain Malaysian dishes which are from Javanese influences brought in by the Javanese immigrants. Javanese cuisine is highly distinct from mainstream Malaysian style of cooking, being noted for its simplicity and use of sweeter flavors whereas Malay cuisines are based upon complex and spicy regional cuisines for Sumatra.

One can get a huge variety of dishes in the states of Malaysia. Its Fusion Style Cuisine is a blend of the cuisines from several different Asian cultures. Eating is said to be one of the most popular past times in Malaysia. It has been seen that on weekends, people don't hesitate to drive to some different state for tasting the dishes served there. Malaysia's most famous dishes often differ from region to region, much like how a New York-style pizza differs from a California-pizza. Asam Laksa, a sour, fish-based soup, is a popular Malaysian dish, but Penang Laksa is very different compared to Johor Laksa (Penang and Johor being Malaysian states).

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