Methodical Thinking

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Methodical Thinking

We should be methodical in all our thinking processes.

We should think thoughts which lead us toward peace and progress.

By thinking positive thoughts we can enjoy a beautiful mental climate.

By the help of the positive thoughts with the universal energies we can vibrate.


We should delve deep in to our minds and find the center of all the thoughts.

At the center we will see the manifestations of the Lord.

All the thoughts are emerging from the center.

Once we find the center of all the thoughts we will merge ourselves in pure love.


For thinking thoughts we will always follow certain systems and procedures.

We will discard the unnecessary thoughts.

We will think only those thoughts that take us toward our goals.

Positive thoughts should all the time be our backbone.


Basing on those thoughts we should drive out all the negatives from our mental horizon.

Vibrating with the positive thoughts we can awaken our psychic sun.

We will always be afresh and alive bathing in the smooth rays of the morning sun.

In our lives always we will experience a beautiful and cool dawn.


Once we find the center of all the thoughts we can develop a beautiful control.

By the control mechanism we will always remain active and alert.

By our alertness the negative thoughts will be afraid to touch us.

With all the positive thoughts we can easily reach our goals.


We should thoroughly introspect our negative thoughts.

Once we understand the source of all thoughts the negatives in us will dissappear.

There will be a constant flow of positive thoughts within us.

The current of the flow will take us always in to newer dimensions.


At no point of time we will feel bored.

Remaining always afresh and alive we will strive for our goal.

Discovering the source of all the thoughts we will be more closer to the Lord.

We will embrace the entire globe with love.


We will always remain contented and happy singing the glories of the Lord.

Lord will shower all His blessings on us.

We will move on the path of life imbibing the powers of the Lord.

Lord will not allow any negative thoughts within us.


By following a beautiful method to think thoughts we will be very near to our goal.

Beautifully we will face the challenges of life and serve all and love all.

In all situations of life we will remain calm and relaxed and will work with zeal and vigor.

By selecting proper methods of thinking we will always realize the divinity within us.


We will be more invigorated and refreshed loving the nature.

Under the stars filled sky and the full moon we will be able to disperse the positive thoughts to all corners of the globe.

By the power of the positive thoughts we will be able to love the nature in a beautiful manner.

All the inimical feelings will be destroyed within us.


We will always be proactive and beautifully deal every life situation.

We will motivate ourselves and others in a beautiful manner.

We will well serve our family,society and organization by the power of the positive thoughts.

Creative plans and ideas will come to our minds and we will contribute more to the globe.


We will be able to overcome all the fears.

Sleeping peacefully in the night we will be closer to our dreams and hopes in the dawn.

Thinking methodically positive thoughts in us will take the form of the morning sun.

By imbibing the rays of the sun beautifully we will fight the battle.


Remaining always afresh and alive we will work with perfection and beauty and fulfill all our dreams and hopes.

Overcoming the challenges we will be always remain high on the success ladder.

We will always view our lives from all the positive angles.

We will better serve our family,organization and society vibrating with the energies of the universe.
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