Stress and How it Relates With Drug Abuse

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With so much going on in the country and world it is easy to become very stressed out and feel overwhelmed with negative emotions.
With the economy down, Gulf Coast oil spill, international relations turning towards war, and negative thoughts about global warming and the effects it might have surely troubles a good percentage of people in this country today.
It is more important that we take the initiative to teach people how to deal with the stress appropriately so they do not turn to drugs and alcohol instead.
People that have been hit with these problems head-on often times experience something called posttraumatic stress disorder.
This is a psychological disease that can affect many people when they experience some sort of life changing event.
A death in the family, loss of property, or near-death experience are just a few examples of what might cause this illness.
People with this illness are more likely to use drugs to numb the pain associated with the posttraumatic stress disorder.
Many times these drugs can be prescribed and not just illegal drugs that become abused and overused.
It is easy to get addicted to drugs to deal with pain whether it be psychological emotional pain or physical pain.
When the drug makes you feel good it releases dopamine in your brain and the dopamine is the chemical that makes you feel good.
The more the drug use the more dopamine will get released, but if you abuse the drug your brain may stop producing the same amount of dopamine it would naturally without the drug and therefore you would need more of the drug to feel better.
This is the basis of addiction and how people become addicted to drugs.
Becoming knowledgeable about the event and illness is the best way to treat posttraumatic stress disorder.
Drugs may reduce some of the pain and can help the patient sleep but must be supervised closely with the amount the patient takes daily.
Feeling bad for a long period of time is an awful thing to experience but one that most people will have to live through at some point in their life.
How you deal with this pain is an important part of how healthy and fulfilling your life will be in the future.
It is imperative that we reach out and help those that need help in times like these when so many people are being affected by negative events.
If you or a loved one are need of help and would like someone to talk to, please seek the help of a professional therapist or counselor or someone who can guide you in the right direction.
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