Covering All the Bases of Home Security in Cocoa

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Statistics show that over two million burglaries take place around the country each year. While the 'Sunshine State' earns its nickname with a comfortable climate, the sun is not enough to chase all the criminals out of Florida. With states facing difficult budgetary decisions, it is impossible for police departments to be everywhere at once. But rather than leave your Cocoa residence vulnerable to burglars, there are common-sense home security steps you can take.

Protect the Property Perimeter. Many neighborhoods were built based on the assumption that each household would become acquainted with the people living next door. Open lawns, unprotected by fences, were the norm. Yet as anonymity has become part of city life, and transportation networks make it easy for burglars to move from one town to the next, fences become increasingly important for home security. A locked gate deters criminals from getting close enough to a window to peer inside, reducing the chances that they will be tempted to break in.

Illuminate and Boost Visibility. Crime is associated with shadows and darkness because criminals want to avoid being spotted. This is particularly true for burglars, who usually aim to get in and out as fast as possible, without running into anyone. Putting up a motion-activated floodlight therefore provides protection by startling potential intruders or vandals. Visibility is also important during the daytime hours, so be sure that your main door is not blocked from the street by high bushes or shrubbery.

Remember the Basics. Some estimates have shown that more than one of four burglaries does not involved forced entry. That means that they slip in through unsecured doors or windows, often without any excessive effort at all. The last thing you want to do is make it easy for your residence in Cocoa to be burglarized. Although it seems simple, remember to lock up every time you leave. Whether you are visiting the neighbors or going to work for the day, this small step towards home security can make a big difference, dissuading burglars who tend to be opportunists.

Install a Home Alarm System. Monitored protection involves finding a provider company, which will send a professional to put in the component parts. Generally this involves motion detectors that use ambient temperature readings to sense an intruder's presence. Information is then sent to a control unit, typically located in a hard-to-reach spot so that it cannot be tampered with from the outside. Finally, a keypad lets residents activate and deactivate the home alarm. The wall-mounted models that have been around for years are currently being complemented by keychain versions for greater convenience.

Reach out to Neighbors. In addition to taking the four steps laid out above, be sure extend a hand to the people who live on your block. When you recognize faces, you are more likely to spot suspicious characters who could be burglars trying to case out potential targets. As an added bonus of reaching out to neighbors, you might even make acquaintances and built new friendships in the process.
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