Use of Graphology Tests in Recruitment

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Handwriting Analysis is the study of an individual's handwriting - its form, direction, spacing and so on, and assigning meanings to them so as to create a psychological profile of the writer. Graphology tests are used as a part of the recruitment process in organisations to assess the fitment of the candidate for the job under consideration by having the said candidate's handwriting analysed by an expert.

In today's tough economic scenario and intense business competition where each day is a fight for survival, an organisation can no longer afford to waste time, money and valuable man hours on a wrong hire. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the right candidate for a role in the organisation, the human resource teams in organisations, do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that the most effective person in terms of skill, knowledge and aptitude is selected.

Recruiters have realized that it is not possible to assess the complete nature of an individual through mere interviews. All candidates put their best faces and best thoughts and words forward because they want to be selected for the job. It is only when the candidate is selected and starts working within the organisation that his or her true personality comes to the fore. Therefore, human resource personnel in charge of recruitment are increasingly resorting to psychometric and graphology tests [] to assess the true personality of the candidates' right at the beginning of the recruitment process itself.

The science of graphology or handwriting analysis has provided reams of evidence going back to decades that when a person writes, his or her writing pattern mirrors the working of his or her brain. Unlike answers to psychometric tests which may be manipulated by an expert, it is really, really difficult to manipulate one's handwriting. Even if a person does try to alter his or her handwriting, the basic trends and flows of the handwriting remains since it is something inherent and therefore, graphology tests can make fairly accurate deductions of the writer's psychology.

When a graphologist works to help an organisation recruit the right candidate through graphology tests, she first has to understand the job for which the recruitment is being done. The graphologist needs to have a complete understanding of the levels of skill, experience and personality traits which are needed in a person to be able to do the job under consideration successfully. It is only then that the handwriting analysis done on the candidates whose resumes match the requirements of the job on offer and the best candidate is identified from them.
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