Caring For Your Gott Thermos

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It is a well-known fact that Gott thermos and its newer water cooler type counterparts are very durable and will rarely fall apart under normal conditions.
Yet, you should still practice responsible consumer attitude and take care of your thermos with regular cleaning and maintenance, ensuring that your Gott thermos will stay alive much longer and also prevent you from contracting disease from germs and bacteria that may find itself in your Gott products, and ultimately, in the liquids you ingest.
For more efficient temperature maintenance Preheat or precool your Gott thermos before using it.
You can do this by either pouring hot water inside or pouring cold water, depending on what you intend to put later.
Let it stand for 5 minutes and replace the contents with the actual liquid you're going to keep.
Doing so will make sure that your liquids will maintain their temperature for a much longer time.
This action saves the thermos some time by completely removing its tendency to readjust its temperature just to match the contents - a phase that could actually shave away a certain amount of time from the temperature maintenance stage.
Wash your thermos before and after use It is very important that you clean your Gott thermos before and after using it regardless of the content you put inside, since bacteria buildup can and will happen all the time.
Use dishwashing soap and a clean sponge to wipe off stains and dirt from the inside, then on the outside.
Make sure it is completely dry before resealing the lid.
Doing so prevents the accumulation of bad smell resulting from humid air.
And don't forget that bad smell is usually the result of toxins or bacteria.
Do not use a dishwasher Don't use a dishwasher to automatically wash your Gott thermos.
The thermos itself is durable but a dishwasher's automatic process may lack the required attention to detail that a thermos may need.
There are nooks, crannies, and various crevices present on the thermos that may be missed by most dishwashers' automatic cleaning apparatus.
Do not boil your thermos Despite its solid state and toughness, a Gott thermos may eventually weaken if constantly placed in direct heat designed to consistently boil it from the outside.
To disinfect, use boiling water only on the insulated insides, and use soap to sanitize the outside area.
Do not put it inside the microwave Microwaving your thermos is even worse than boiling.
While it is designed to withstand a certain amount of heat, it was not intended for outright reheating.
A thermos' purpose is to maintain heat by insulating the liquid with vacuum, preventing loss of temperature due to conduction.
Microwave, on the other hand, is designed to consistently heat things through radiation.
This could result in the thermos melting, and worse still, the insulation on its body will prevent the contents from actually getting heated.
All you're going to get is a melted, deformed thermos with lukewarm water inside.
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