SIM Free Mobile Phones - Use Multiple SIMs on a Single Handset

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These deals are beneficial for every party involved in them.
Various mobile deals that are available in market are as follows: Mobile Contract deals Pay as you go mobile phones SIM free deals These mobile deals are available across U.
at every mobile store.
A brief knowledge about these deals will help you to differentiate between them and choose best deal for yourself.
These mobile deals are meant for different categories of customers.
Mobile Contract deals are for those users who have vast and regular use of mobile services.
Pay as you go mobile phone (PAYG) deals are for those customers who don't want to be committed to their network providers and want to use mobile services in a limited range.
These deals also offer you attractive gifts, discounts and call rates at reduced prices.
SIM free mobile phone deal is entirely different from other two deals.
You don't have to sign any contract.
You can use SIM of any network provider with any cellphone.
A person has to buy Sim free mobile phone and Sim card separately.
SIM free mobile phone deals of all leading network providers are available on all mobile outlets.
Users of liberty SIM cards can pay the service charges like contract deals or PAYG deals.
If a person opts to remit the service charges like contract deals, he has to pay at the end of the month.
He continues to get services of network provider till he decides to end it.
A user has to serve one month prior notice to network provider before termination of services.
If a person wants to pay the service charges like PAYG deals, his service charges get automatically deducted from his account.
He can recharge his account anytime according to the need.
In mobile contract deals, you have to sign a contract with the network provider.
It can be of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or 24 months.
A user has to remit his service charges at the end of the month.
You can't change your service provider during the contract period or else you have to bear a hefty penalty.
At the end of the contract, you may opt to elongate or upgrade the contract or to terminate it.
According to pay as you go (PAYG) mobile phone deals, a user holds an account.
Service charges get automatically deducted from his account.
Anytime he can recharge his account according to his usage.
Every deal has its own pros and cons.
Where contract deals and PAYG deals provide you mobile services on handsets of your choice, SIM free deals give you freedom to use SIM of any network provider with any mobile.
With SIM free deals, a person can enjoy benefits of more than one SIM on a single handset by switching on from one SIM to another.
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