All About Grave Markers

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Grave markers, known also as gravestones or headstones, are usually made of granite or bronze.  The simplest markers are engraved with a name, birthday and date of death.  Other types of grave markers may be more elaborately decorated.  However, before the permanent marker is set, a temporary grave marker is used to identify the grave.

Traditionally, grave markers were large, upright slabs of granite that were engraved with the deceased's name and relevant dates.  As the manufacturing of these stones evolved, the front or face of the stone was polished to a smooth finish, while the rest of the stone remained in a rough state.  This style of marker is still in use today, with refinements in size and shape such as slanted fronts, teardrop designs, curing tops, ovals and even heart shapes, either single or double.

Grave markers are also made of bronze, which is weather-resistant and durable, and can be personalized and embellished with decorations.  Today, some cemeteries prohibit the use of vertical gravestones because it's difficult to mow grass and remove weeds around them.  Instead, graves must be marked with flush-mounted, or surface grave markers.  Bronze markers are a good choice for this type of installation.  A bronze plaque can be mounted on a granite base, which is then secured to the ground.  Often, a permanent vase is attached as part of this type of marker.

Temporary grave markers are used to help a family and cemetery employees locate new burial sites until permanent markers can be installed.  They are usually designed to be durable for all types of weather and are placed on a new grave immediately following interment.  Depending on the type of permanent marker that has been selected by the family, and the length of time it will take to construct, some temporary grave markers will remain for up to twelve months.

Innovative funeral products are being unveiled in rapid succession, due to a rapidly evolving funeral industry based on client demands.  The newest funeral product is the photo frame temporary grave marker.  This new invention takes an old, tired funeral product and revitalizes it into something that's not only useful, but also makes a lovely keepsake.

Replacing the ugly, impersonal card on a metal or plastic stick, the new photo frame temporary grave marker keepsake is completely customizable. 

To create these temporary grave markers, funeral professionals can utilize free funeral software to personalize them in-house.  The family can decide to add photos if they like, as well as any custom message they choose.  On the back of the temporary grave marker, there is enough room for more pictures, a verse or prayer, or a favorite quote. 

Utilizing the free funeral software, the funeral professional will have access to the easy to use templates featuring over 500 themes representing most interests, hobbies, occupations, and religious backgrounds.  The selected theme can be the same one that was used on the funeral stationery for the funeral or memorial service - or, it can be another one entirely. 

After the permanent grave marker is in place, the photo frame portion of the marker can be removed allowing the family to take it home for display.
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