French Country Home Decor: Lighting Sets The Theme

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If you want your home to give off a French country home decor vibe, it should give off a warm, homey feel. It should also use natural concepts such as floral themes, baskets and rustic wooden elements. Select colors that are inspired by nature and the outdoors such as the crisp blue sky, dewy green leaves from the grass and trees and fresh countryside flowers.

There are also many quick and simple ways you can apply this home decor feel to your home without necessarily going through a renovation or investing in entirely new furniture. Simple additions such as an earthy colored vase with floral table cover or runner, an intricately designed wall tapestry or curtains, even a big painting of French Provencal countryside can totally alter the make of your room.

Choose The Right French-Inspired Lighting Accents

Lighting is very crucial in setting the tone and mood to any room. In choosing the right lighting for your French country decor inspired room or home, you must first consider the purpose of the room. The kitchen is one place where you should apply several types of lighting. Your sink and prep area should be brightly lit with daylight or fluorescent lighting. If you have a center island, coffee bar or a dining area and your kitchen, then you can apply a softer, halogen daylight bulb that is not so bright for a relaxed and casual dining feel.

Dining and living rooms are usually multi-purpose such as romantic dinners, family gatherings, dinner parties etc. These rooms will benefit from a variety of lighting options such as standing or wall lamps or overhead fixtures or chandeliers with dimmers. The kind of accent you use for your lighting fixture will set the mood for your French country decor inspired theme.

This lighting uses elaborate and intricate designs for added opulence and drama. Dark, carved metal finishing is often used as base for light mountings, softened by warm colors such as deep, dark, brick or burnt red, deep gold. Antique style with rusted finishing and carved, floral accents are also commonly used. To achieve an authentic French country theme to your home, use carved iron chandeliers for your dining room. Add a homier feel to your living room by using ceiling fans with adjustable lighting installations. If you have a low ceiling, carved wall lamps are good options and do not take up much space. Dimmers are always recommended to make your lighting options flexible.
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