Summer Vacation - Don"t Forget To Check The Spare

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Most auto repair shops that change engine oil will check your tire pressures routinely but seldom will they check the spare tire's air pressure without being specifically asked.
If you perform your own maintenance or have an automotive repair shop do it for you, make sure all tire pressures are checked regularly.
The next time you see someone on the side of the road with a flat, notice if the flat is the spare tire.
You can tell by the mismatched rim or the undersized temporary tire.
You see many times after a flat tire is changed, since the spare tire is hardly ever checked, the tire pressure is low.
If the spare tire pressure is low when it is put on the car it is likely fail before the car reaches the tire store or repair shop.
This is the reason most people that experience a flat tire will experience two before the day is over.
Low tire pressure can allow the tire to build up excessive heat when the car is driven and result in the rim damaging the sidewall resulting in a blow out.
In addition to checking tire pressures including the spare, car owners should also carry a few automotive tools in the trunk as well.
My father when buying used cars would always check to make sure a car would have the jack in the trunk.
I thought this peculiar until I realized that when he sold a used car he would always keep the jack for himself! Tires are porous and can lose air through the material.
That's why spares that are not subject to road hazards can lose air while just being in the trunk.
Some people like to have a can of fix-a-flat in case of an emergency.
However, if the rim is equipped with a tire pressure sensor; it can be damaged by the aerosol.
The point I'm making is don't assume that your car has a good spare, the correct size lug wrench and a jack.
It's a great idea before heading off for that summer vacation to have in the trunk the following; a flash light, a flat screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, standard pliers and a set of jumper cables.
Air up the spare tire and have great vacation!
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