What Happens When You Disappear From Your Ex Girlfriend"s Life With No Contact?

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What happens when you disappear from your ex girlfriend's life with no contact, and does no contact really work? These are quite very good questions, and if you are looking to get your ex girlfriend back, this article will shed some light on the subject.
When you disappear from your ex girlfriend's life, it's to accomplish many things.
First, it gives you and your ex space if two just undergone a nasty break up, in which a heated argument ensued.
Think of no contact as a break, a cooling off period.
However, no contact is much more than just a break.
It's a time where you should be getting your head on straight and getting your emotions under control.
You should be healing during this time and moving on from the break up.
Now when you disappear from your ex girlfriend's life, you will become a mystery.
It's hard to let go of emotional attachments to someone you were once intimate with.
That's just how us humans work.
Dropping off your ex's radar can make her start to think about you.
It can also make your ex girlfriend wonder and miss you as well.
You see, if you stick around in your ex girlfriend's life, you will just become another fixture.
Something she knows will always be there when she needs it.
Being there does not produce feelings of loss.
When you feel you lost something, you will miss it.
Of course there is so much more to no contact that can't be covered in one article.
Actually, there is a lot more to how to get your ex girlfriend back than just no contact.
To have an excellent change of getting her back it's best to know all you can about how to get her back, wouldn't you agree?
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