Fridge Freezers - Side By Side Comparisons

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Are you getting hot under the collar looking for a new fridge freezer and don't know where to start? Our comprehensive guide will help you unchill and learn which type of fridge freezer combination is going to work for you and your family.

Let's start with the basics and look at the most important factors to consider in a fridge freezer [] comparison:

* Will your fridge freezer unit maintain its temperature during the summer and winter months?
* Will your veggies stay crisp and fresh?
* Does it have enough room for your family's needs?
* Is your fridge freezer easy to clean?
* How economical and energy efficient is it?
* Does it run quietly?

Which Fridge Freezer Combination is Right for You?

When doing a fridge freezer comparison, you have 3 options to choose from: the freezer on top, the freezer on the bottom or side by side systems.

The most popular style of fridge freezer combinations are the models with the freezer on top. Because this style is the most popular, there are more models and styles to choose from and they generally offer the best value for money.

So if you particularly fancy a separate butter compartment, or an extra large section for storing tall bottles, you'll generally find it available. As well, the overhead freezer range are the most economical and energy efficient.

On the downside, most households use the fridge more than the freezer and you have to bend down to get to the fridge, especially the crispers, which are usually located right at the bottom.

The more logical design is to have the freezer compartment located at the bottom of the unit. After all, the section you use most often - the fridge - is located at eye level. Because this style of fridge freezer is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, the range and features are improving rapidly.

Another benefit of the freezer under the fridge is that many models feature slide out freezer compartments, which are very handy.

However, this style of fridge still tends to be more expensive than the standard model with the freezer overhead. Another disadvantage is that the crispers can often get too cold because they are located so close to the freezer unit, but manufacturers are working to improve this problem.

As well, they are not as energy efficient as the standard model and the freezer often doesn't chill as quickly.

Last but not least is the side by side fridge freezer model. This style is most popular with larger families and families who entertain on a regular basis because of the increased storage space. Side by side units tend to be narrower and longer than the more conventional style of fridge, so they easily fit into galley-style kitchens or spaces where there is not sufficient room for a large swinging door.

Side by side fridge freezers generally offer a wide variety of special features like ice/water dispensers.

On the downside, side by sides are not generally energy efficient and features like ice cube dispensers make them less so. Side by side fridge freezers are also inefficient in their use of space, unless your kitchen is specifically designed to house the unit, or is narrow and long.

In addition, according to consumer reports, side by sides often experience temperature fluctuations in different sections of the fridge and freezer units.

So, has the information provided helped you make a more informed decision from the choice of fridge freezers available and what is going to best suit your family situation? To further refine your decision, decide what features you consider essential and those you think would be a bonus. Then all you have to do is choose from the hundreds of brands and models available. Easy, isn't it?
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