The Difference Between Casting and Spinning Rods

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    Casting Rods

    • Bait-casting rods tend to be made from graphite or fiberglass for the pole and cork or PVC foam for the handle. They usually measure between 5 and 8.5 feet in length. In general, bait-casting rods will have between five and eight large-diameter line guides. The reel is positioned on the top of the grip, and the casting trigger is mounted on the underside. The guides, also known as eyes, are positioned along the length of the rod. They diminish in size as they approach the rod's tip. The guide at the tip of a bait-casting rod is usually considerably smaller than the others. This design results in less friction when the line uncoils from the reel during a cast.

    Spinning Rods

    • Even fishing side by side, spinning and casting rods have different poles image by MAXFX from

      Spinning rods are typically made of the same materials as bait-casting rod and are generally about the same length. Their guides also decrease in size as they approach the tip. Unlike the guides of a bait-casting rod, the reel and the guides of a spinning rod are arranged on the underside of the rod. This design helps the angler control the line. The release mechanism on a spinning rod is basically a button that you depress and release when making a cast. Many anglers consider spinning rods to be good starter poles for children because children can easily learn the basic casting technique with them. Learning how to use a spinning rod provides a solid basis for them to advance to bait-casting rods.

    The Difference

    • The significant distinction between casting and spinning rods is the differing placement of the reel and guides on the two types of rods. Some people have difficulty learning how to cast using a bait-casting rod. They find a spinning rod's release mechanism easier to use. Other anglers can cast equally well with either type of rod. Bait-casting rods are more appropriate when targeting some species of fish, such as salmon or steelhead, or when fishing in the ocean.

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