Best Man Speech Tips - 3 Great Tips to Making the Perfect Best Man Speech

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A wedding speech is an important element of every wedding.
If you want to write a best man speech then you need to know some tips that will make your speech better.
Should it be formal or casual? What are its most important elements? Find out below! The first tip for a perfect best man wedding speech is being respectful but funny in the same time.
What does this mean? The first rule when telling anything about the groom is NOT HURTING THE BRIDE'S FEELINGS.
You don't want to talk about the groom's ex girlfriends because there's a chance the bride would feel offended.
Then, PRAISING the bride is also a good idea in your speech.
Although the major part will be about the groom, mentioning the second most important person to you is quite important to make her feel good.
Give her a paragraph.
Tell what is she like and how she makes your friend feel.
Some of the things that are pretty much the standard in all wedding speeches you need to include are thank you notes, stories and toasts (you have them all on this Best Man Wedding Speech page.
) HUMOR also helps a lot along the way.
Now, I can't tell if you have a sense of humor and if it is a good thing to insert a bit of humor in your speech.
Here's a quick way to test whether your speech is humorous? Prepare the draft, call some friends (that can be honest to you) and read it.
When trying to be humorous and expecting them to laugh, pause a little.
See their reactions.
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