Overfishing Leading to Disastrous Consequences and Hardships

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It is no stretch of the imagination to forecast the death of all sea species in our lifetime.
In fact it is becoming ever more obvious every day.
As giant processing vessels now roam the oceans taking entire shoals of pelagic fish the future for all species is grim.
One of these vessels is due to arrive in Australian waters by the end of August and environmentalists are already protesting.
This super trawler, the FV Margiris, is capable of operating 24/7 and video of its operations from within the vessel demonstrates the size of a single haul.
The fish run like a river through shoots that deliver them from the massive nets dragged behind the boat onto conveyor belts.
They then pass through various processing events leading to their freezing, weighing, packing and stacking ready for export.
The mechanisation requires few attendants and the stream lined process means that from a single haul the profits are enormous.
Such a vessel may account for the complete disappearance of fish in various parts of the ocean.
Easter Island has now no fish or any sea life around its shores.
The people have said that big ships were operating within sight and are the likely cause.
Not a crab, prawn, lobster or even rock shell fish were visible in recent footage taken by National Geographic.
Aside from what is missing from under the sea there are also no birds or other life, such as whales and dolphins, around as well.
The same scenario has happened off the coast of West Africa and around the horn of Africa.
It is in the latter region that ex fishermen have turned to piracy to survive.
Off the coast of Chile fishermen once took catches of anchovies but that has now ceased as the species no longer appears there.
These ships, of which there are now several, are raping the oceans for financial gain at the expense of everyone who depends on the sea for a living.
Even worse the super trawlers are destroying the future for all.
The fish they catch are now sold at huge profits to countries that can no longer fish for themselves, such as West Africa.
The question is how long can we tolerate this devastation? Is it not a case of stopping them now for our own sake? Anyone who enjoys fishing and eating a fresh offering from the sea must take note.
The consequences will obviously be a dead ocean.
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