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Video gaming has come a long way since the days of two dimensional games like Tetris.
With the advancement in multimedia technologies, video games rapidly evolved into one force to reckon with.
Better graphics, sound effects clubbed with high definition games to work on such high configuration platform made video game much more than a way to keep your kids busy.
More and more people from all walks of life, irrespective of their age are getting into video gaming.
Popularity of gaming is such that now we have more than one major gaming tournament held across the world, bringing in avid gamers together to pit their skills against each other.
Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony is one of the major player in the gaming market.
From gaming consoles to innumerable video games - the company has played a pivotal role in shaping up this industry.
Regular gaming consoles available today are generally fitted to an external screen like a TV.
For the first time, Sony came up with the concept of high class gaming device which is portable and could be carried anywhere by the user.
This innovation lead to the creation of the PlayStation Portable - officially abbreviated as the Sony PSP.
The Sony PSP was initially launched in Japan.
After a year of its launch there, Sony PSP was released in USA and Canada and subsequently in Europe and Australia.
The gaming device instant popularity in all the places it was released lies in the fact that though the Sony PSP is small, it gives its user the same level of excitement as any other regular gaming device.
Moreover, the Sony PSP is not just about gaming.
The device is equipped with many other connectivity functions so as you don't have any problem finding and downloading games from the Internet or WiFi hotspots in case you are logged in to some virtual network.
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