How Does Listening Comprehension Impact Classroom Learning?

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    Following Directions

    • There is a huge distinction between hearing and listening. Hearing is a passive activity, while listening requires diligence and effort. Students who are good at listening comprehension focus on hearing what the teacher says and can therefore follow directions better. These students always know what they are supposed to do and have very few questions about what is expected. This helps teachers because they do not have to consistently repeat themselves. Teachers can focus on more important issues than repeating simple instructions.

    Time Management

    • Listening comprehension is beneficial in the classroom because it causes students to manage their time more wisely. If a teacher explains that the students must work on a worksheet until it is finished and after that they are free to do other homework, the students who heard the directions are able to manage their time better than the other students. Students with poor listening comprehension may goof off more because they do not remember what the teacher instructed them to do.

    Educational Success

    • Another way listening comprehension affects a classroom is through educational success. Students who develop effective listening comprehension skills are more likely to be successful in school. These students comprehend more of what they read and are often able to use the information they hear or read more productively. Students with good listening comprehension sift through information more thoroughly and are able to filter useful information from non-useful information. They are also able to make connections with the material more easily and store it in their brains for later use. This is a skill that students use throughout their lives, including during college and in the workplace.


    • Effective listening comprehension skills can also benefit the classroom through the building of relationships. When a person diligently listens to another person, the speaker feels more valued which builds confidence between the two people. Teachers can sense which students are good listeners, and this often leads to good relationships between a teacher and these students. Good relationships in the classroom often lead to students feeling more comfortable and being able to be themselves.

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