Breast Stretch Mark Removal Creams for Stretch Marks

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Breast Stretch Mark Removal Creams for Stretch Marks

A sudden increase in weight can not only cause effects on the body organs, it can also affect the condition of the skin. When there is a rapid and sudden increase in weight, the skin is stretched beyond its limit and as a result, there will be damage to the different layers of the skin surface. The dermis, for one, contains large amounts of collagen tissues which can get torn when they are stretched too much. Thus, stretch marks would occur.

Stretch marks or striae are painless and hollow in form. They can be palpated by the fingertips and they can be felt as slight indentions on the surface of the skin. They would also normally appear red and purple during the early days of the damage although they can turn into white or even silver after some time.

The  common areas of the body commonly affected by the marks include the buttocks, abdomen, underarms, inner and outer thigh and of course, the breast.

In cases of women, there are different ways for breast stretch mark removal. The first one involves surgery and laser treatment. These procedures are effective yet expensive. The other type includes the use of stretch mark creams which are affordable and safe for use.

Most  stretch mark creams are organic in content. They are commonly composed of cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E or tocopherol, soy bean oil, collagen and elastin. These contents are safe and effective for breast stretch mark removal. They penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and work on moisturizing, increasing elasticity and repairing the damaged areas of the skin.

Constant application of creams can reduce stretch marks. They can be less visible on the skin for as early as 3 weeks and can extend up to 2 – 3 months depending on the potency and effectiveness of the solution.

Stretch marks or striae as it is known in medical terms can be a source of embarrassment for many self-conscious individuals. These marks appear when the skin is over-stretched during growth spurts, when one gains or losses weight drastically and during pregnancy. When the skin is stretched beyond its usual limitation, delicate tissues are torn resulting to the scarring of the underlying skin layers. Read on to learn how to reduce stretch marks naturally.
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