How to Press Grapes for Homemade Wine

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    • 1). Place the fermented crushed fruit into the basket of the press. The amount of crushed fruit that you have will depend on the amount of wine that you are making. It takes approximately 25 to 50 lbs. of grapes to make 5 liters of wine.

    • 2). Have a container available to collect the juice that will immediately start flowing out of the spout once the fruit is poured into the press.

    • 3). Tighten the pressing plate to further press the fruit. This method will depend on the type of press that you are using as some presses have a ratcheting head that applies pressure while others have a shaft that is spun to apply pressure. Collect the juice from this pressing.

    • 4). Apply pressure to the remaining grapes until all of the liquid has been collected. Discard the remaining pulp and clean the wine press according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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