Long Island Hyundai Shoppers: The Long-Awaited Sonata Hybrid Finally Arrives

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Valley Stream Hyundai provides Long Island Hyundai fans with the new Sonata Hybrid. Customers looking for a vehicle with the latest hybrid technology will find the Sonata Hybrid to be special.
VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. - Long Island Hyundai customers now have the opportunity to own one of the newest vehicles to feature the most-modern hybrid technology. Relatively new to the hybrid scene, Valley Stream Hyundai has brought customers a hybrid that rivals its competitors in both fuel economy and overall effectiveness.
The new Hyundai Son ta Hyb rid has several components that separate it from the rest of the hybrids out there. Not only does it have a six-speed transmission, something that other car makers have not included, it also has a new lithium-polymer battery instead of the common nickel-metal-hydride batteries that are found in many other hybrids. What these exclusive parts do for the Son ata Hybri is give it a smoother ride and more efficient power, due to the extended battery and non-continuous transmission.
"This is not only a great opportunity for us, it's an opportunity for our customers to own a highly-efficient and cost-effective vehicle," said Michelle Scalise, Internet Manager BDC at V alley Strea m Hyund ai. "And to top it all off, it's very affordable, looks great and is backed by our expert staff. Our customers will be extremely satisfied with the quality of the S onata Hyb rid."
Long Island Hyundai dealer Valle y St ream Hyu ndai is offering the new Sonata Hybrid to customers and has plenty in stock to fulfill the rush of customers in need of a fuel-efficient and quality vehicle. Some of the key features that set the S onata Hybri d apart from other hybrids are:
• Affordable price as low as $26,695 as the base price
• Roomy interior with plenty of technology for everyday use
• Top-of-the-line safety equipment, with six airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ECS), Traction Control System (TCS) and advanced braking systems to aid in driver control
• 2.4L four-cylinder engine that produces plenty of power while achieving 40-plus mpg on the highway
Long Island Hyundai customers should know that Va lley St ream Hyundai has its expert staff of salesmen and technicians standing by to help with any questions or concerns regarding the new Son ata Hy brid.
For more information about Valley Stream Hyundai and the new Sonata Hybrid, visit http://valleystreamhyundai.com/ or call Val ley Stre m Hyun dai at 866-572-2952.
Valley Str eam Hyun dai will try its best to make each individual customer feel like family and will get them the best deal possible. V alley S tream Hyundai is the choice among those on Long Island and will continue to provide the most excellent service at the highest level.

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