Importance of Arrest History Investigation

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The main reason an arrest history investigation is conducted is to assist an employer to recognize a bad apple from the various employees that are seeking for an occupation.  Employers who perform an arrest history investigation will be dwelling into the employees past unlawful actions and detainment record.  This information is obtainable from various resources.  Those resources will reveal the background of the employee and their relation, be it good or bad with the law.  Employers have the right to decide whether to hire or not to hire an employee based on the report.

Contents of the Arrest History Report: Arrest history report is considered as a thorough and informative document.  The report will include every single mistake that a person has made pertaining to the law.  Even if the person is found not guilty of the offence they supposedly committed, it will still be listed in the report.  The best resource you could refer to in order to obtain the report is the counties or court of law.  This is because they have the latest and most updated record of the person.  Arrest history reports will normally contain the following:
  • Brutality or cruelty offence
  • Burglary or stealing offence
  • Commerce allied offence
  • Other offences that is deemed necessary by the court of law

This report will detail a person unlawful background from the day they committed the offence to the day the person seeks a job from you. It will only take one charge to raise an arrest report.  Even if the person is found to be innocent, there is no alternative way to remove the offences from the report. Anyone can request for this report as it is available to the community.  There are certain things in the report that cannot be used as a reason to not hire an employee.  The best way to know your rights as an employer is to seek advice from the court of law.

Limitation and Uses of the Arrest History Report: One of the limitations with these reports is that you will never know whether the person is innocent or guilty. It provides a vague picture on the status of the person's arrest. As an employer, the only time that would be good to use these arrest report is if you are hiring the person for a job that involves credibility, money and customers.  It is highly recommended that if the job description does not fall on the 3 listed industry or department, it is best not to make your judgment based on the report.

If your corporation engages a permanent lawyer, it is best to refer this matter or report to the lawyer for review. They are able to tell you which information can or cannot be used. It's best to decide prior to meeting with job opportunists whether you are keen on hiring people with arrest records or not hire anyone with an arrest record. 

The best report available for thorough checking is criminal reports. This report reveals the mistakes made by the person and whether they were convicted or jailed at any one time in their life. 
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