How Big Does a Lemon Squash Plant Get?

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    • Lemon squash is a yellow, oval shaped vegetable. This variety of summer squash is best harvested while still young and it reaches the size of a large lemon. Also known as lemon drop squash and sun drop squash, the lemon variety closely resembles a traditional summer squash plant with large heart-shaped leaves and a prickly texture.

    Site Preparation

    • Summer squash prefers a sunny spot with good drainage. To avoid pest and disease problems, choose a location where other squash, cucumber, pumpkin or melon crops have not grown recently.

      All varieties of squash prosper in fertile soil with high levels of organic material. Amend the soil with compost or a balanced fertilizer. The ideal pH for lemon squash is between 6.0 and 6.5. Lemon squash is a warm-season crop and should not be planted in the garden until all danger of frost has passed. The prime soil temperature for germination is 85 degrees F.

      North Carolina State University Extension Horticultural Specialist Jonathan Schulthesis recommends preparing the soil for summer squash varieties in the fall before planting begins. This eliminates plant debris and residues that harbor diseases and insects during the winter.

    Maintenance During Growth

    • Heavy drinkers, lemon squash require consistent watering to grow into large plants. To reduce the competition for water and nutrients, weed the area while the plants are young. As the lemon squash plant matures, the large leaves will help shade the ground and reduce weeds.


    • Best when harvested immature, lemon squash tastes identical to crookneck and straightneck squash varieties. To minimize damage to the plant, use a serrated knife to cut the squash from the plant. In addition to the squash itself, the edible blossoms may be harvested in the early morning when they are fresh and firm.

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