How Do I Ask a Guy Out and Get a Yes Response? Here Are Some Good Tips You Should Put to Use

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You've got to admit that women have different tastes when it comes to men that they date.
And there are men out there that could be so hot and scoring a perfect 10 would be quite easy for them.
If you've been eyeing a guy who scores high on this so-called hotness scale, what steps should you undertake in order to finally get to ask him out? Sell yourself.
He might have already seen you for ages but does he even know that you exist? The only way that he will know about you is if you go out there and show him that there is one gorgeous woman that he still hasn't talked to.
If you do start a conversation with him, make sure that everything you say makes sense, okay? Appear like a moron and your chances go kaput! Impress him with your looks.
If you've been dressing to blend before, then it's time to stand out from the entire crowd! Wear the sexiest (yet decent enough) clothing that you could come up with.
Be fresh-smelling.
Let him see a totally new woman in you - one that he hasn't laid eyes on before.
There's no point in becoming too nervous in front of this guy.
Sure, your next move can either make or break your chances with him, but you have to relax or you won't be able to casually ask him to talk with you.
Be interesting enough for him.
Once you engage him in a conversation, make sure that you don't talk of things that pertain only to you.
After all, he's the one that you're eyeing to ask out and not the other way around.
For now, you've got to let him think that you're eager to know more about him.
Give out sincere compliments.
Be agreeable and make sure to shower him with appreciation.
Look at the shirt that he's wearing.
Does it bring out the blue in his eyes? Then let him know.
Avoid conflict for now.
Since you're aiming to ask him out, it's best not to disagree with any of his opinions for now.
Don't go ravaging with your own opinions and disregarding his views in the process.
Doing so will only drive him farther away from you.
Concentrate on the things that you agree with at the moment.
Whether he says yes or no...
casually thank him for speaking to you and for giving you a chance to get to know him.
Don't show him that you're about to cry once you hear his rejection.
This will prove to him that you are very much in control of your emotions and he might just change his mind about you once he sees this.
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