How to Care for Your Plumeria Tree

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    • 1). Water the plumeria tree only when the soil is dry. To create a watering schedule for dry periods, dig an 8-inch-deep hole in the soil at the tree's drip line. Wait until the soil is dry and water the plumeria. Check the hole every three days and when the soil in the bottom is dry, water the tree again. Repeat the process again to determine how many days occur between irrigations.

    • 2). Fertilize with a 10-30-10 fertilizer every three months. Use 1 lb. for every inch of trunk diameter. Scatter the fertilizer granules on the soil, 6 inches from the tree's trunk and spread it out to 2 feet beyond the drip line. Water the plumeria tree slowly, to a depth of 10 inches, after fertilizing.

    • 3). Inspect the plumeria tree frequently for signs of common plumeria diseases. The most frequent disease complaint is rust, caused by a fungus. It is evidenced by brown or yellow powdery spots on the foliage. Remove all infected leaves from the soil around the tree and treat the tree with copper fungicide sprays every two to three weeks, according to package instructions.

    • 4). Allow the plumeria tree to go dormant if the bottom leaves discolor or fall off. Provide 6 inches of water a month until it produces new growth.

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