Wall Fireplaces - Add Style and Warmth To Your Home

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For many of us, the idea of a warm fireplace is a very inviting notion indeed.
What's not to love? You get to sit around a cozy fireplace with loved ones while watching the fire lick the air and listening to the logs crackle.
In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find many people at all that don't like the concept of a well-designed fireplace.
However, not everybody likes everything that goes into a traditional fireplace.
Between chopping or buying wood to burn, ensuring safety by keeping kids away, and constantly cleaning the soot and dirt that accumulates from regular use, it's no wonder why fireplaces aren't in every home, especially given that we have many other means of heating our houses.
Alternatives to fireplaces There are tons of ways to heat your home that pay homage to the traditional fireplace.
From electric heaters that mimic the appearance of a fireplace to gel-burning ventless fireplaces, there is no shortage of selection.
However, choosing the perfect alternative to a fireplace can be difficult.
The wall fireplace One of the most popular styles of home heating methods for people who love fireplaces is known as a wall fireplace.
A wall fireplace is a flat device that's mounted directly on a wall that simulates a real fire.
This, unlike a real fireplace, does not burn wood to provide heat.
In fact, the flames you see in a wall fireplace are usually not real.
Despite this fact, there are many reasons why you should consider using a wall fireplace over other options.
Types of fuel Perhaps the best reason why you'd want to use a wall fireplace is that there are different models that make use of different fuels.
There are three major types of fuel that these fireplaces use-gas, electricity, and gel.
Gas is either natural gas or propane, and this is generally the option that provides the most bang for your buck at the expensive of requiring additional safety measure.
Gel, as a fuel, is similar to propane, but much easier and safer to handle.
It can be expensive though, depending on the type of wall fireplace you get.
The reason for this is some types require a very concentrated gel.
The last way to power a wall fireplace is to simply plug it into a wall outlet.
That's right-using nothing more than simple electricity, you can provide your family with an inviting looking, wall-mounted fireplace that heats an entire room in minutes! What's not to love?
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