How to Make an Audio Snake

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    Making Your Snake

    • 1). Before you start making your audio snake, determine how many connections your snake will have as well as the length of your cabling. Determine the appropriate number of channels for your snake by checking the inputs and outputs of the audio equipment you plan to connect.

    • 2). Start at one end of the cabling and remove the excess plastic covering on the first channel. This will expose the inside of the wire, where you will see four small colored cables - black, white or red, and another color that varies by manufacturer. These will be soldered onto your XLR connectors.

    • 3). Unscrew your first XLR connector to expose the three prongs on which your cable will be soldered. Start by stripping the colored wire and soldering it to pin 1 on your XLR connector. This is the shield and will help help to reduce ground hum and interference from nearby cables.

    • 4). Remove the plastic covering from the black wire, and solder the cable to pin 3. This is the negative side.

    • 5). Remove the plastic covering from the red or white cable, and solder the cable to pin 2. This is the positive side.

    • 6). Close your XLR connector the same way you got it open. Repeat this process on all of the remaining cables the same way on both sides.

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