How to Create a Vector Wave Background

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    • 1). Open a blank canvas with the image editing program of your choice. Make sure that the canvas is the size of the background you want on your computer (i.e., 1366 x 768 pixels). Click on the "Paint bucket" tool to fill the canvas with the color of your choice.

    • 2). Select the "Pen" tool and create a point near the bottom of the canvas to start a pen path. Create a second point midway on the canvas and drag the cursor out to the upper right to create a curve. Click near the top-right corner of the canvas to make the third point.

    • 3). Create another point underneath the second point and drag the point to the bottom left to create another curve. Click on the original point to close the pen path. Create another vector shape similar to the first one you created. Enter the blending options and create a gradient to fill your shape.

    • 4). Create a new folder in the "Layers" window and drag both of the shape layers into the folder. Doing so will consolidate the layers into a single set. Drag the folder to the "New layer" icon to duplicate the layer set and the layers within the set.

    • 5). Fill the background with as many vector waves as you want. When finished, click "File" and select "Save as." Create a new name for your background and save it as a "JPEG" or "PNG" format file.

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