Uses for Bluetooth on a BlackBerry Curve

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    Hands Free And Headset

    • The most widely applied Bluetooth technology is its pairing with mobile phones such as the BlackBerry Curve. A small device made to fit in or around the ear is fitted with a Bluetooth receiver, listening device and microphone. When paired with the Curve, the headset connects with the phone so that any calls to or from the mobile device are conducted with the earpiece. Headsets are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Hands-free car kits and visor clips operate much like the Bluetooth headsets. Hands-free devices are a safety requirement in most states when using a cell phone while driving, and make multi-tasking in general easier.

    Desktop Connectivity And Wireless Bypass

    • Bluetooth technology is used by the BlackBerry Curve so that it functions as a wireless modem for a Bluetooth-enabled computer that is running BlackBerry Desktop Software. It also allows the Curve to send and receive email messages for accounts on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, as well as synchronize calendar and address book data, with Bluetooth-enabled computer that is running BlackBerry Desktop Software without accessing a wireless network.

    Streaming Audio And File Transfer

    • Listen to music stored on a BlackBerry Curve by pairing with Bluetooth-enabled stereo headphones, speakers or a car kit. Buttons on the stereo headset are also able to adjust the volume or make alternative media file selections from the BlackBerry device. The Curve may also be paired with Bluetooth-enabled devices that support the transfer of data, including media files.


    • Send photos and documents directly from the BlackBerry Curve to a Bluetooth-enabled printer. ThinPrint's software, Cortado, enables the printing of emails as well as any attachments from the Curve through a Bluetooth interface. The advanced BlackBerry Enterprise Server security features are utilized to keep your confidential documents safe.

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