How to Attach the Wedding Ring to the Ring Pillow

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    • 1). Wrap the ribbon around the pillow as though you are wrapping a present, bringing the ends together on the underside of the pillow, crossing them and then bringing them back up to the top.

    • 2). Slide one ring onto each end of the ribbon.

    • 3). Knot the ribbon together using a square knot, crossing the ends together in an "X" as though tying your shoelace and then knotting it the same way again. Pull tight to secure the knot.

    • 4). Pin the ribbon on the bottom of the pillow where it crosses to secure the ribbon in place.

    • 5). Move the rings so that they are close to the square knot on top of the pillow. Slide each ring onto the pointed pin of the safety pin, run the pin through the ribbon, and close the pin to secure the ribbon.

    • 6). Tie the knot on top to make a bow, trimming the ends to even them if necessary.

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