Trussed Roof Wall Decorating

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    • If you have many exposed trusses as well as beams that run vertically along the wall to the ceiling, it may be best to use the timber as the design element on the walls. Treat it like fine woodwork, sanding it smooth and finishing it with a stain that shows off the natural beauty of the wood grain. Use a contrasting wall color to set off the stained wood. Repeat the lines created by the trusses using other decor elements, such as geometric-patterned fabrics for upholstery, drapes or pillows. If you have several vertical beams, do not add other wall decor, such as pictures or other hung objects; keep the walls bare.

    Wall Texture

    • Play with the texture of your walls to complement the style of the trusses. If the trusses include scroll work, try a Venetian plaster to further the "old-church" look. If the trusses are Mission-style, experiment with a granite-look paint with metallic flecks that will mimic old adobe. Rustic trusses work well with a suede faux finish on the walls, while trusses with exposed metal hardware allow for industrial-chic experimentation with thick modeling paint and stencils. If your room is small or your ceiling very high, four textured walls may look too busy. Add texture to the largest wall and paint the others a complementary shade in an eggshell finish.

    Big Art

    • If the trusses support a high vaulted ceiling and leave you with plenty of blank wall space, take advantage of this to display large works of art. A big, brightly colored painting can make a bold statement on a white wall or hang a metal sculpture that complements the room's hardware. Large wall tapestries can accent scroll-work trusses or hang an heirloom quilt for a more casual feel with plain timber trusses. Another option is to use a collection of
      smaller paintings or photographs to form an arranged grouping. However, limit this arrangement to a single wall. When there are several groups of small items in a room, it can create a cluttered look.


    • Quality wood paneling can make a room look warm, casual, elegant or rustic. Bead board below a chair rail works well for country looks with exposed timber trusses, while dark-wood paneling complements Mission-style or scroll-work trusses. Trussed roofs with large, thick timber beams will create a cozy cabin look when combined with pine paneling. To balance the presence of so much wood in the room, choose non-wood products for your décor items or furniture when possible. Avoid fabrics with large prints in window treatments or upholstery, which can create a "busy" look when contrasted with the wood. Select small pieces of artwork in a similar color family to hang on the walls to unify the room.

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