Bodybuilding to Maximum Results With Compound Training

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The idea of bodybuilding has gone through a major transformation in the past decade.
Things we thought impossible are now possible and things we thought worked seemed to be nothing more but a myth.
Science has proven many things about our body that helped us create bodybuilding methods that work for everyone.
The new methods do work for everyone, but they are adjusted to body needs of each individual.
The basics are the same, but the rest is different.
If you wonder why only a handful of people could get the results they wanted are because of the old school methods that preached the same old thing over and over again, and there was only a handful of people that could benefit from that method.
The new bodybuilding methods are all about progressive compound exercising.
Progressive part you probably already know about, the compound part is because of the short workout time that is now recommended.
Our testosterone levels peak around 45 minutes of our training and return to normal at 60 minutes.
Anything after that and out testosterone levels begin to decrease and that will harm our body and our training will be in vain.
So the new programs are concentrated on success with intense short workouts.
But how can you activate all of your muscles in a one hour workout? That is when compound training comes in.
By doing compound workouts that activate two or more muscles at once you will gain the benefits.
Instead of focusing on one muscle at a time you need to go for the most intense one hour training targeting as many muscles as possible.
This is a simple idea that requires plenty of dedication.
Make sure that you have the best program for your body type, don't create one on your own, find a professional instructor that will create your perfect progressive compound training.
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