The O"Hare Airport UFO - New Evidence of the O"Hare Airport UFO

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Case Background
One of the most publicized UFO cases in recent years was the 2006 O'Hare Airport UFO. There were many rumors shortly after the incident made worldwide headlines that there existed photographic and video evidence of the event.

It was even rumored that actor/UFO proponent Dan Aykroyd had bought the evidence, and would release it as part of a new DVD. This never happened. Shortly after the rumors began to fade from Internet blogs and forums, the Chicago O'Hare incident took its place in UFO archives.

This one time famous case has now taken front page status again, riding the shoulders of three new pieces of evidence from witnesses claiming to have irrefutable proof that a UFO did, in fact, hover over the busy airport in 2006.

New Witness Comes Forward

The first witness to come forward claimed to have sixty second footage of a disc-shaped object clearly seen hovering in the skies over the airport. When the video was first released, details were scant, but now he has come forward with a much more detailed report.

The witness stated that he was quite far from the airport, spotted the object, and with his Samsung SGH-D900, 3 Megapixel cell phone, took 60 seconds of film, although his sighting lasted about 2 minutes. He was facing Concourse C.

His footage was limited to 1 minute because of the lack of storage space on his camera. He stood on a wall with his hands above his head to get the footage.

Soon after his footage was posted on youtube, he was swamped with questions, and information. Part of this barrage of e-mail contained information pertaining to two new witnesses, both claiming to have corroborating, photographic evidence of the O'Hare UFO.

He also claimed that several large media companies offered him money for his footage, but he was not interested in putting his film in the hands of any organization that might attempt to debunk his evidence.

More Evidence Made Public

Details of the second witness are, as of this writing, still very limited. All we know is that, after seeing the first video on youtube, he decided to make his evidence public. His video footage is very similar to the first video.

The third witness was a pilot who was in the air when he, along with other crew members, saw the UFO hovering in the window of his plane. His flight attendants grabbed a camera, and took a photograph of the UFO. The pilot released details of he and his crew members' report on March 28, 2009.

"On November 7, 2006, we had just left Chicago O'Hare Airport, roughly 10 minutes into the flight at 3:45 PM. We were cruising smoothly at 37,000 feet when suddenly our attention was drawn to a dark, solid, wingless, cigar/disc-shaped UFO which suddenly appeared in our view through the cockpit window."

The pilot claimed that the UFO was "dangerously" close to the plane. He estimated the size of the object as 100 feet in diameter. Three crew members observed the UFO, the pilot, co-pilot, and flight attendant, who grabbed his 35 mm camera and took several photographs of the object.

They contacted Air Traffic Control immediately, but were told that no unknown object was being picked up on radar. The object was seen for about one minute, before it shot away at incredible speed.

A Comparison of the Photographs

After obtaining all of the current, recent evidence, I resized them to the approximate same size, and took a good look at all three simultaneously. Here are some of my conclusions, pending more evidence.

Considering the three photographs were taken at different times, at different angles, varying distances, and with different cameras, it is quite obvious that all three show an object of the same shape and size.

If one assumes that all three photographs are of the same object, only two theories can be considered.

(1) Three different witnesses, unbeknownst to each other, took photographs of the same object... or

(2) The three witnesses are involved in a conspiracy, and used the same graphic representation or 3D model to create their images to give the impression that they all saw and photographed the same UFO.

We are hopeful that more evidence will be made public, and the three witnesses will validate themselves to our satisfaction, knowing full well that we could be buying into a well planned hoax.

But, at this time, we keep an open mind. We hope you do too.
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