An Inside Look at DISH Satellite TV

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DISH Satellite TV is one of the most popular brands of satellite TV on the market. It has a lot to offer through a variety of different program types and combinations of channels and programming.

DISH Satellite TV is among the largest satellite providers in America and, along with DirecTV, makes up for most of the satellite programming in American homes.

DISH Network is owned by the EchoStar Communications Company, which maintains all of the dishes that the DISH Network sells. EchoStar dish sales are international and include the United Kingdom, where they also sell receivers specifically designed for UK programming.

EchoStar and DISH Network compete, along with DirecTV, with cable television providers around the world for consumer capacity and for more satellite customers.

The DISH Network has several satellites, making it a popular choice for people in a variety of locations. Providing satellite TV service to customers is a matter of getting a DBS license, also known as a direct broadcast satellite license, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The FCC then grants access to a particular location for the satellite to operate. The DISH Network has several satellites in orbit, placing them since 1992.

In order to get DISH Satellite TV, customers need a satellite dish. For most of their satellite TV systems, the DISH Network includes installation and provides a satellite for their customers.

There are some cases in which this does not happen, but for most residential consumers, the installation and equipment is included in one basic price. There are quite a few satellite dish types available from DISH, including the DISH 300 and the SuperDISH.

Unbelievably, some cable companies actually try to collude with proprietors and other residential owners to block out companies like the DISH Network from supplying their services in specific areas. Condominium owners are especially susceptible to this, as some cable companies will attempt to block out the purchase of any services other than the local cable television service.

This occurs with unlawful lease provisions and creative "rules" that prohibit the placement of satellite dishes in certain areas, such as on the side of a condominium unit.

Federal law has since come up with a restriction against this type of unlawful regulation, putting a halt to this movement by certain cable companies.

Still, companies like DISH Satellite TV are making inroads in a variety of markets and are pushing conventional cable providers further away from most consumers. Customers cite the variety and quality of service as being key reasons for their decision to sign up for satellite television services.

As the battle between satellite TV systems and digital cable continues to grow, you can be sure that the DISH satellite TV network will be a major player.

As they constantly seek to maintain an edge over competitors in the digital cable field, as well as other satellite TV service providers, the DISH network will gradually increase the quality of their customer service and level of programming just in order to survive.
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