Cigarette Smoking May Cause Male Impotence

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Smoking and impotence: An insight into the connection between the two It's a well known fact that smoking seriously damages your health.
Medical research has shown that smoking can lead to cancer, strokes and many further long-term health problems.
If the dangers of contracting long-term diseases such as cancer and emphysema are unlikely factors in putting you off smoking, you should at least be aware of the harmful ingredients that cigarettes contain.
Find out below why smoking is bad for your health.
What can smoking do to you? The ingredients that go into cigarettes will give you an insight into what you are actually inhaling.
Cigarette smoke contains ammonia, which is used as a domestic cleaner; arsenic, known for its use as a rat poison; benzene, used in making dyes; carbon monoxide, poisonous gas, cadmium, used in batteries; cyanide, a deadly poison; DDT, an insecticide that has been banned, polonium, radioactive elements that cause cancer, naphthalene, used as moth repellent, and ethyl furoate, which causes liver damage.
Whenever you smoke your body becomes exposed to all these toxins and 3990 other harmful substances.
What can smoking do to your sex life? Besides causing cancer, emphysema, heart and lung disease, smoking can also play a major part in hampering your sex life and personal relationships.
Not one but two very recent studies by Dr.
Irving Goldstein and his respected colleagues at the New England Male Reproductive Health Center, Boston University Medical School highlighted the strong connection between smoking and erectile dysfunction.
It was also found that smoking causes negative effects on the male reproductive organs.
Smoking also affects the fertility of male smokers by reducing sperm count and sperm motility as well as altering the shape of the sperm.
Goldstein went on to say that, he believed smoking to be the leading cause of impotence in the US today.
How does cigarette cause male impotence? If you are a long-term smoker you can expect serious deposition and blockage in the arteries to arise in later life.
These arteries carry blood to various organs, including the penis.
When nicotine reaches the brain, it causes rapid contraction in the penile tissues.
This symptom, known as acute vasospasm, restricts blood flow into the penis.
When nicotine is in the bloodstream, it causes damage to the valve mechanism.
Nicotine also minimizes your ejaculation volume and damages sperm motility.
Cigarettes contain polonium, which is one of the many of radioactive particles that work to destroy sperm.
Probable treatments for impotence and quitting smoking There are many impotence treatments including Viagra and Cialis on the market today.
However, the first line of treatment and the best advice for any smoker suffering from impotence is to quit smoking.
Chantix and Zyban are 2 prescription medications that are available for smoking cessation.
If you do not want to rely on impotence drugs to correct erectile dysfunction later in life, it is advised that you consult your doctor over either Chantix or Zyban, to quit smoking in a short-term period.
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