Green Earth Process and Dry Cleaning Services in Alta Loma

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Right from thrashing the clothes on the surface, to using automatic washing machines, to sending your garments for dry cleaning, the impact of technology can be noticed in all facets of life. It is now easier to get your laundry done. As the name suggests, dry cleaning is the process of cleaning the garments without using water. Cleaning fluids are used to sanitize the clothes. The garments are dipped inside the liquid solvent to remove all stains and spots that have spoiled the appearance of your clothing.

Due to the proliferation of professional dry cleaning services, you can search for region specific solutions. For example: - a resident of Alta Loma can look for dry cleaning services in Alta Loma. A defined procedure is adopted to wash your garments.

1. Better identification
Labels, paper tags, broken buttons, lost buttons, scratches, etc. are may be used as one of the methods to identify the shirts. The employees of the chosen service provider scrutinize your garments well in advance and pin-point the defects (if any) so that they may not be answerable for those defects.

2. Pre examine
All the stains, marks and blemishes are first treated to offer a spotless look and make the garment/s look like new.

3. Dry cleaning
A big washing machine is used to clean the clothes dipped in a cleansing solvent.

4. The remains
Once your clothes are washed properly, they are once more examined to identify the remaining spots (if any).

5. Ironing
After the garments are sanitized, they are ironed properly, creased and wrapped to bring a fresh look.
From shirt laundry, curtain cleaning, duvet cleaning, wedding dress washing, formal wear, to suede and leather sanitizing, a variety of stuff can be sanitized as per your exact requirement. While opting for dry cleaning services in Alta Loma or elsewhere, you must ensure that your chosen service provider uses environment friendly cleansers and solvents to wash your clothes.

Most of the service providers have started using Green Earth process wherein they use pure liquid silicon, a by-product of sand which is safe and does not spoil the fabric. Being a natural product, it gently removes all the stains and filthy spots from your apparel, leaving a soft and smooth touch. Even the most soft and delicate fabric can be treated using liquid silicon.

And the best part is that after your apparels have been sanitized using this chemical, the fabric smells great. Post cleaning, some of the chemicals leave foul odor. On the contrary, the Green Earth process lets your fabric smells like fresh.

So for best results, always opt for Green Earth process and prolong the life of your clothing.
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