Medical Graphics Litigation Support

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Medical graphics are increasingly being used in court during litigation.
This is because in a court of law, sublime importance is always given to evidence.
Assume you have had a major accident and have to undergo surgery and want to claim damages from the opposite party.
You are in the midst of litigation and want to produce documents of evidence in court to show that the driver already had an implant in his leg and that this had interfered with his driving which actually led to the accident.
The jury and others who sit through the proceedings in court will need to understand exactly what happened during the accident and who has to be blamed.
You also need to prove that the accident took place due to the negligence of the other party who had been driving even before he was already healed from an earlier accident.
How can one make such a complex subject clear to the jury and to other non physicians within just 15 minutes? The only effective solution is medical graphics.
Good quality medical legal art can educate the jury and clearly demonstrate the evidentiary points of the case.
High quality services in legal animations and legal graphics are provided by professional animators and graphic specialists who make medical trial exhibits, medical illustrations, and other litigation support animations.
The graphics are also supported with audio background/ commentary and the illustrations are very clear and colorful making the subject easy to understand.
This kind of work is usually done in consultation with those in the medical /forensic and legal professions and is a great litigation support tool to the concerned attorney during trial.
Why it is that medical graphics are so given so much importance? Because it has been found that almost 83% of whatever humans learn is through the eyes.
A University of Wisconsin study revealed that when visuals were used learning improved by almost 200% and took 40% lesser time to explain.
Another study depicted that by just using visuals the improvement in retention had improved by 38%.
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