Small Living Room Designs - More Than Just Optical Illusions

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Have you ever given much thought to the design that you would use on a small living room? Buying a huge mirror is not the only trick up interior designers' sleeves anymore. While this important piece can readily become the focal point in the living room, know that there are now many other things that you can do to make a compact living room appear roomier and lovelier at the same time. Would you like to know some small living room designs that you could use in your own home?

Begin with the Furniture Arrangement

One of the simplest rules in designing a small living room is to alter the arrangement of furniture in it. Keep furniture away from the walls. If this is too simple for you, then you can always slant some pieces just so a little personality is added.

There are certain furniture that are visually lightweight, find them. Light-colored ones or those with legs appear lighter than the usual boxy, upholstered ones. Leggy chairs do not obstruct views of the beautiful flooring.

Say No to Broken Up Space

Take a very good look at the accessories that you now have in your living room. If you have bought a lot of accessories and have stuffed them all inside your small living room, then you are probably left with a more cramped space. Also, these pieces can break up the space that should have been available had the accessories been absent.

Just look for quality accessories which you can display at a bare minimum. Group your accessories rather than scatter them throughout the living room. Grouping should make the room look less cluttered.

Always the Optical Illusion

As always, it is a must to create an illusion of space and height in a cramped living room. Begin by having crown molding. Crown moldings are great ways to make any room look attractive. The eyes also have a tendency to look up to these architectural marvels, hence, giving the room an illusion of height. The crown molding can be painted using the same color of d├ęcor inside the living room. You may also use regular wood grain molding.

Lighten small living rooms or add a feeling of spaciousness by investing in sconces. These lighting fixtures can bounce off light off ceilings. The light is reflected towards the ceiling which gives a pleasant atmosphere. And with the eyes going upward, the living room will automatically appear taller and more aesthetically pleasing.

Since you are struggling horizontally, it is best to emphasize the vertical aspects of the room. Invite the visitors' eyes towards the ceiling by using floor-to-ceiling draperies.

Light is also an important element in many optical illusions. Take advantage of the room's brightness by reflecting it. Steer clear of ornate window treatments. Also, avoid blocking the windows with heavy curtains and draperies.

A Little Personality Wouldn't Hurt

An area rug is an interesting piece that you can add inside the living room. Only use this when you really want it inside your home. Adding a rug when you are not really the rug kind of person is not right.

Adding a little personality to your small living room can be as easy as defining the feeling that you would want to evoke in that room. If you want the living room to be an area where people can socialize, then prep it to receive high foot traffic. Arrange the furniture accordingly.

If, on the other hand, you want the living room to be a place where you can relax, then make it cozier. Highlight the fireplace, for instance, so that family members can snuggle during the coldest seasons.

If you have to take a personality test just to prove what characteristics embody you, then do so. If you want the living room to define your style, then veer away from other people's opinions. Some may disagree with your sense of style but you should stick with it if the small living room designs that you chose are truly yours.
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