The Ethereal Plunderer Loot Card Used in "World of Warcraft"

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    About the Loot Card

    • The "Ethereal Plunderer" loot card is the rarest of the three loot cards in the "Hunt for Illidan" set, with an advertised rarity of 1/242. This rarity means that, on average, you will find one "Ethereal Plunderer" loot card for every 242 booster packs of that set you open. Like all loot cards, this card is distinguished from its normal counterpart by the gold stripe of scratch-off material obscuring the unique code underneath. Redeeming this code grants one of your "World of Warcraft" characters an Ethereal Soul-Trader vanity pet.

    Obtaining the Loot Card

    • There are two ways to obtain this loot card. If you already play the "World of Warcraft" TCG game or would like to begin doing so, purchasing "Hunt for Illidan" booster packs could be desirable, since you would have a use for all the cards and you may also get additional loot cards. On the other hand, if this loot card is all you are interested in, purchasing it directly from eBay or from a specialized store such as WoW TCG Loot will be a more cost effective way of obtaining it.

    Redeeming the Code

    • Gently scratch the gold stripe off the card with a coin. The code under the scratch-off stripe is protected by a layer of plastic and should not be damaged by energetic scratching, but you should still avoid using any sharp object to scratch the card. Once you have revealed the code, navigate to the code redemption page on the "World of Warcraft" website. Choose the region and realm you play on from the drop-down menu, then type the code from the card in the "Promotion code" field, enter the security input code and click "Submit." The website will return a second code. Log into the "World of Warcraft" game, enter the world on the character you want to give the Ethereal Soul-Trader vanity pet to, and travel to Booty Bay, in the Cape of Stranglethorn zone. Locate Landro Longshot on the docks and interact with him. Select "What promotions do you have?," then click "Hunt for Illidan" and select the "Ethereal Summoner" option. Type the code in the box that appears and click "Accept" to receive the vanity pet.

    About the Vanity Pet

    • The Ethereal Soul-Trader is one of the largest vanity pets in "World of Warcraft." Unlike most vanity pets, the Ethereal Soul-Trader interacts with enemies you defeat, granting you an Ethereal Credit every time you get a killing blow. You can then use Ethereal Credits as currency to purchase various items from the Ethereal Soul-Trader. These items include a set of gear matching that worn by the vanity pet, a temporary glowing ball you can toss to other players and an item that will temporarily turn any vanity pet into a flesh beast.

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