Kanye West - Sore Loser

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Kanye West's latest outburst was at the expense of 19-year-old country music singer Taylor Swift, who was in the middle of her acceptance speech for best video award at the MTV Video Music Awards.
During Taylor Swift's speech, Kanye West took the microphone from her and declared that Beyonce's video was the superior one, in his humble opinion.
As Kanye ranted, the cameras panned to the audience to a flabbergasted and embarrassed Beyonce.
After the aggressive declaration, Kanye West handed the microphone back to a stunned Taylor Swift and the crowd cheered including a standing ovation led by pop singer Mariah Carey.
After the incident, celebrity magazines and music magazines across the globe buzzed with the news.
The next night an apologetic Kanye West appeared on the debut of Jay Leno's new NBC talk-show to deliver an apology.
He was there to support Jay-Z, who performed his single "Run This Town," which features West and Rihanna.
During Leno's serious sit-down with the singer, Kanye said, "It was rude, period.
I don't try to justify it 'cause I was in the wrong.
" This latest error in judgment is the latest public temper tantrums over the last five years for Kanye.
His first award show tantrum happened in 2004 at the 32nd annual American Music Awards.
West made a sudden retreat midway through the ceremony after losing the "Best New Artist" award to Gretchen Wilson, also a country music singer.
In 2005, West shocked the nation declaring that then-President George Bush, "doesn't care about black people," during a live telethon to support Hurricane Katrina victims.
In 2006 West took his outburst overseas during the 2006 MTV European Music Awards.
He stormed the stage after his "Touch the Sky" video lost to Justice and Simian's "We Are Your Friends," suggesting his video deserved to win instead because it "cost a million dollars and Pamela Anderson was in it," Rolling Stone magazine then reported.
Later in 2007, West made another award ceremony blunder when he threw a temper tantrum backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards.
According to MTV, West made a scene because he was nixed from performing on stage that year, and because he failed to nab awards in five categories.
During last year's Grammy Awards, West again displayed his self-importance during his acceptance speech for the award "Best Rap Album," in which he gave fellow rapper Common some sage advice, "I always tell Common you got to time the album out better, you can't drop them the same year as me, this is my award," said West.
Of his most recent outburst to Taylor Swift, he added to Jay Leno, that he would take time off to analyze how he's "going to improve.
" He also posted, prior to his Leno TV appearance, two apologies on his website.
On the following Tuesday, Taylor Swift appeared on "The View" and humbly and graciously took the high road when asked about Kanye's outburst.
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