How to Build Fiberglass Hunting Bows

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Make the Bow Form

  • 1). Design the profile of your bow using paper and pencil. You should draw the profile as it will look before the bow string is applied. This means the bow should be fairly straight as the bow string will cause your bow to bend. Your design should be full size so you can copy it onto plywood with ease. The height of the bow is up to you.

  • 2). Copy this design onto two pieces of plywood and cut them out carefully using the band saw. These are the basis of your bow form. Be careful not to make the bow too thick. You have to be able to wrap your hand around the grip area with a little room to spare. Sand the edges of both pieces smooth to prevent slivers.

  • 3). Use the file to narrow the grip area of the bow to the desired width.

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