3 Reasons Why You Should Do Bodyweight Exercises for Mass Gain

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Bodyweight exercises! The most versatile and convenient form of physical training all around the world.
Why is that? Because it maximizes our strength and minimizes our cost to buy equipment for exercising.
And there are many more benefits of bodyweight exercises.
One of them is that bodyweight exercises are excellent for those who want to increase their muscle mass.
Why? - Because the movements are more authentic than weight-lifting techniques.
When the body has to lift itself, in a pull up or squat, for example, the skeleto-muscular structure naturally aligns to the most efficient and natural output ratio.
Giving the muscle a good range of motion that in turn will lead to a better increase in mass.
- This form of exercise trains multiple muscle group at the same time.
A bodyweight squat, for example, works not just the quadriceps at the front of the thighs, but the buttocks, the spine, the hips, abdomen and waist, and even the muscles of the toes.
This fact gives you a faster workout and a proportional muscle gain.
- They work the body as it evolved to work.
Not by using individual muscles, or the portions of a muscle, but as an integrated unit.
This means developing the tendons, joints and nervous system as well as the muscles.
Giving safety to your joints while still increasing your muscle mass.
Because If you are training with weights, there is a big chance that you will be injured because weight training only trains the muscle with little concern to the joints and tendons.
Don't believe me? Check your local gym to find out yourself.
So, bodyweight exercises is the way to go!
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