Why Switch From AVI to MP4

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Most people may find it odd to be told to convert their existing library of AVI movies into MP4.
While it is easy to say that this is because of compatibility issues, it is better to give a few good reasons why you need to switch from AVI to MP4.
When convincing someone to switch into something out of the conventional ways, it is a neat trick to make a person know what good the change would bring so that it will be easier to make them persuaded.
So to make you influenced into knowing more about the importance of using MP4 as your main file format for videos, here are the top 3 reasons why you should consider a switch.
  1. File Formats vs Mobile Video Players - A lot of mobile video players require smaller file sizes in order not to flood its memory with too much memory load.
    This is why most of them prefer MP4 and other formats that are much smaller compared to the heavier formats like AVI.
    Although it is not uncommon to see gadgets that play both MP4 and AVI, there are more devices that would favor MP4 because of the difference of the file size.
  2. Video Sharing - The trend in social networking sites is to bring communication into a higher level.
    Regular phone calls are replaced with live video chat and picture sharing is made more interesting with video sharing.
    However, these sites require the videos to be uploaded be into an MP4 format as it takes a little part from its bandwidth allowances.
    It also makes streaming of videos much faster compared to other video formats.
    So if you wish to share your videos to the world, convert AVI to MP4 first.
  3. Home movies and AVI - For a long time AVI had dominated the video libraries of almost all people who has video camcorders.
    This is because the earliest video cams records and saves videos into an AVI format which are readily playable with their computers.
    The problem is that with the files being in an AVI format, it is difficult to show off those home movies with their relatives and friends.
    The solution to this problem is to convert AVI to MP4 to make sharing home videos easier.
Considering these reasons, you should start converting their AVI video files into MP4 so that you can start bringing your videos anywhere you go and have the option to share them with everyone.
Converting file formats is easy given the right tool like an AVI converter which allows conversion of AVI files with a lot of formats including MP4.
With just a few mouse clicks with a reputable media converter and you are good to go.
After you convert AVI to MP4, you can enjoy the flexibility of your video files as you can readily make it playable on your mobile devices, upload them on video sites; put them on your phone that has video playing capability, and many more.
By switching into MP4, you will definitely enjoy these modernized era of video sharing.
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