Science Jeoporady Games

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    Online Science Jeopardy Games

    • Some websites have online Science Jeopardy games that already have the questions, answers and points set up for students to play. One website is Regents Earth Science with Geology Jeopardy. Teachers and students can choose between six different categories, including rocks and minerals, astronomy and meterology. Once you have chosen your game, a Jeopardy board will appear, and you can click a question by choosing points. Like the television game show, questions with lesser point values are easier than questions worth a higher number of points. On the Geology Jeopardy game site, the "answer" students give must be in the form of a question. Another online source where questions and answers are already written for a Science Jeopardy game is on the Salem, Virginia, school district website. This is a third-grade Science Jeopardy game, and it has a similar format to the Geology Jeopardy game. Students who play the third-grade game will answer Jeopardy questions in the categories of water cycle, soil, earth patterns, simple machines, matter and energy.

    Make Your Own Online Games

    • If pre-made online Jeopardy games do not work for your curriculum, then there are a few sites where you can make your own Jeopardy games using a template. One site is connected with California State University. You can download the Jeopardy Powerpoint Template if you have Microsoft Powerpoint on your computer. Then you follow directions on the second slide to fill out the game to match your objectives. The directions also give you tips for playing the game with students. You can download a sample game to see some of the questions and answers you could ask if you need ideas. These templates are perfect to use with any students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Another site that has a free Jeopardy Powerpoint template to design for your science game is on the Hardin County Teachers Jeopardy games page. At the bottom of the screen, you can click on "make your own game" and follow the directions for your own classroom game.

    Create Science Jeopardy with a Pocket Chart

    • You do not have to use a computer to create a Science Jeopardy game for your classroom. You can also use a pocket chart or even poster board. With the pocket chart, write five different categories on 3 x 5 inch index cards and put them on the top row of your pocket chart or staple them to the poster board. (Depending on the size of your pocket chart, you may need to cut the cards to smaller sizes.) Next, write 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 on five index cards. Repeat this five times for a total of 25 cards. Put these point cards in the pocket chart under the category names with 100 at the top and 500 at the bottom. If you are using poster board, then use a piece of tape to tape the top of the index card to the poster, so you can still lift up the card like a flap. On another set of 25 index cards, write "answers" in Jeopardy style that fit the different categories. For example, if one of your categories is space, one of your answers could be: "Earth." The question students have to give is "What is the only planet with life?" These answer index cards are put underneath the point cards. With poster board, you can write the answers underneath the flaps on the poster board. The questions students have to give are written on a separate answer sheet. When it is a student's turn, he or she chooses a category and point value. The teacher lifts up the point value and reads the answer underneath. Students guess the question, and they have fun while reviewing science material.

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