The New Brand-Callaway RAZR X Hybrid!

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In modern times,golf get more and more famous,then there is no doubt that golf item is a hot topic,so how are the golf lover's reactions? The answer is positive, take me as an example,I pay attention to golf items on website every day, and collecting golf information is my habit,or I can say that I am enthusiastic over golf information.let me think,after a busy official duty,hum songs to search the golf information on computer at home,and chat with good friends who also love golf, that is really an enjoyment,even a relaxation!

Callaway RAZR X Hybrid attracted me last night,whatever the color,size,outline,and material. it is high-grade.besides,its price is pretty low,the appearance is very great, moreover,it touches good.

Accordind to the survey,Callaway is a huge name in golf and they have created many top products including the Callaway RAZR X Hybrids. These hybrids are made with a zero roll design so that golfers can hit higher and longer shots. They are considered an intertia driven club and are very playable for many types of golfers.meanwhile, They offer a faster ball speed off the face and they are available in both a standard model and a tour model. These are designed to be a more forgiving hybrid and it was even said that they are more forgiving than your grandmother.

The features as follow: The Key Benefits of Callaway RAZR X Hybrids:
1: Built for Power and Precision
2: VFT Technology to increase the size of the sweet spot
3: Razr X zero roll design to produce higher launch angles and more distance

4: Inertia driven club for more forgiveness and straighter shots
5:Built with an offset to make it easier to square the club face
6: Hybrid designed specifically for Women

  The Callaway RAZR X Hybrid is uncompromised performance. The RAZR X Hybrid leverages the new Zero Roll Design to help golfers hit higher and longer shots, even when struck low on the face. These inertia-driven clubs are highly playable and offer hot ball speeds so players can dial in their ideal performance. The RAZR X Hybrid clubface with zero roll produces a higher launch angle on shots hit low on the face, increasing distance with softer landings.
Increased head size of the standard RAZR X Hybrid model creates better forgiveness and produces shots that fly higher, longer and straighter.Precision shaping of the RAZR X Hybrid clubface thickness increases the size of the sweet spot and generates hotter ball speeds for longer distance.
Standard RAZR X Hybrid models have an offset hosel to help square the clubface at impact while providing a look at address that boosts confidence. RAZR X Tour models have less offset to enhance workability.

This is all the information I knew on Internet,if you are the golf fans, welcome to chat with me about wholesale golf club. The source is from:

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