How to Replace the Spark Plugs in a 1999 Toyota Camry V6

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    • 1). Lift the hood and prop it open. Locate the two 5-mm bolts on the front of the engine cover. Remove the bolts with a socket and ratchet. Locate and remove the two bolts on the rear of the cover in the same way. Lift the cover off the engine and set it aside.

    • 2). Locate the ignition coils on the top of the cylinder head. There is one coil per spark plug, Starting with one cylinder, remove the electrical connector from the coil and set it aside. Locate the retaining bolt on one side of the coil and remove it with a socket and ratchet.

    • 3). Lift the coil off the head and set it aside. Insert a spark plug socket on an extension bar into the hole and over the plug. Turn the socket and spark plug counterclockwise with a ratchet. Lift the socket and plug out of the cylinder head.

    • 4). Place a new spark plug in the end of the socket. Insert the socket and the plug into the spark plug hole. Turn the spark plug clockwise with a ratchet until the plug is snug. Turn the plug 1/4 turn more to secure it. Place the coil into the hole in the cylinder head and over the spark plug.

    • 5). Install the retaining bolt on the coil and tighten it with a socket and ratchet. Move to the next plug and repeat the process. Once all six spark plugs have been changed, replace the cover on the top of the engine and install the 5-mm retaining bolts. Close the hood.

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