4 First Steps to Create More Money in Web Site Promotion

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Whether you have an existing website or one that needs a little boost in ranking, there are some steps you can take to create more money in your web site promotions.
Here are the 4 best steps to take when you're first promoting your web site to the public.
Step 1: Get in the Directories Google, MSN, and Yahoo have website directories where you can either wait for your website to show up or register.
Registering, even in advance of an operational website, is the best way to go--that way you don't have to wait for spiders to find your site.
This is being proactive in your own productive website promotions.
Step 2: Creating Content Make sure the text on your website has relevant keywords and phrases.
These are the things your customers are going to type into the search engines to find your business, so you want to be precise and clear on these.
Productive website promotion depends on search engine ranking, and ranking depends to a degree on content.
Step 3: Write Articles for Others Get your articles posted on other websites and trade for links.
This will serve the dual purpose of establishing you as an expert and also getting your website some more attention.
Backlinks are important for determining your importance in the rankings.
Step 4: PPC Advertising PPC is one of the more popular ways to advertise on the internet now and is becoming important in productive website promotions.
All the major search engines have their own PPC system, but the most famous is Google Adsense.
If you can afford it, go with the majors--Google, Yahoo, or MSN--but if not there are other secondary advertisers that will get you at lease some hits.
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